Mallorca Living Concept

Microcement is a high quality coating composed of polymers, resins, aggregates and being pigmented with dyes from a wide range, it can be combined with other building materials to give it a special finish: smooth, textured, matte or gloss.

Nowadays, microcement is the most innovative material chosen by architects and decorators and is expected to be the most used trend in the coming years in Mallorca.

The application of this material ranges from the renovation of floors to walls, living areas, swimming pools, bathrooms, kitchens, furniture, etc.

The time of realization of the work is reduced with respect to other conventional materials.

It is characterized by its high resistance, flexibility and impermeability, being ideal for humid or high temperature areas, even in outdoor surfaces.

From the following colors: black, red, brown, brown, blue and yellow we can create by means of our own technique an infinity of tones to the taste of each client to create a totally unique and unrepeatable space.


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Microcement is a high quality coating coating composed of polymers, resins, aggregates and when pigmented with a wide range of dyes, it is used in a wide range of…