Mallorca Living Concept

In 2009 we carried out our first refurbishment works in Mallorca, starting with the idea of recreating spaces from another perspective and vision.

We believe that our vocation is to build and design, reform and give life to the ideas of our clients.

We work with passion and dedication, fusing the most innovative techniques with craftsmanship and modern style with traditional style.

We always use the highest quality construction materials to guarantee an excellent and long lasting work.

Our main objective is the satisfaction of our clients and by implication our fulfillment as professionals.

Our main inspiration is the Balearic Islands, with its original warmth transmitted by the marés walls, the stone and mud facades and the pine beams that are perfectly adapted to the contemporary and modern materials.

“History and tradition”

Mallorca Living Concept

Roman civilization has been a determining element in the aesthetic models of Mediterranean architecture.

The survival of the traditional style reflects the best practices and designs of hundreds of generations of builders. It is an incalculable treasure to be preserved in a world obsessed with leaving a personal mark.

The island’s architecture developed and maintained techniques and elements of Roman construction such as the Mallorcan patios, the dry-walled walls known as “parets seques” built with stones and sandstone, the wooden beams embedded in the walls, the well-known flush arches, the communal wells and the traditional “picas d’Oli”.

We love to recreate these unique spaces that represent a way of life here in Mallorca, so we preserve the true essence of this magnificent place.

Patios Mallorquines  Mallorcan courtyards; Pozos comunales y tradicionales picas de aceite Communal wells and traditional oil picks; Vigas empotradas en los muros y arcos de descarga Embedded beams in walls and unloading arches; Muros paredes secas Drywall walls.


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