Marés is a sedimentary rock formed in the Miocene, stratified horizontally and massively.

It is composed with fragments of marine fossils and grains of other rocks, basically cemented with rare carbonated material.

It is typical in the Balearic Islands in Majorca, where there are 20 working quarries, and its extraction is not aggressive for the environment. It can be also found in other places of the Mediterranean coast: la Tosca de Xabia and Denia, La Mollasse in Marseille or el Tuffo Calcareo in Italy.

The colour may vary from almost pure white (the quarry of Cas Buso in Lluchmajor and Petra), ashen white (marés of Santanyi), sand and yellowish (quarries of el Arenal), gold (marés of Porreres) and reddish gold (another variety of marés from Petra).

At the request of our clients, we work with all types of marés with the desired finish, for renovating either exterior or interior zones of the house.

By using marés it is possible to create warm and unique atmosphere. It does not require any superficial treatment nor maintenance. With time its look improves and it is a porous material that regulates environmental humidity.