About Us

In 2009 we realised our first refurbishment works in Majorca, starting with the idea of recreating spaces from another perspective and vision.

We believe our vocation is to construct and design, renovate and bring the ideas of our clients to life.

We work with passion and devotion, making a fusion of the most innovative techniques with craft work and of modern style with traditional style.

We always use the best quality construction materials to guarantee excellent and durable work.

Our main objective is the satisfaction of our clients and, implicitly, our fulfilment as professionals.

Our main inspiration are the Balearic Islands, with their original warmth transmitted through the marés walls, stone and mud façades, and pine beams that adapt perfectly to contemporary and modern material.

History and tradition

The Roman civilization established a determinant element in aesthetical models of the Mediterranean architecture.

The surviving traditional style reflects the best customs and designs of centuries of generations of constructors. It is an immeasurable treasure that has to be preserved in the world obsessed with leaving a personal mark.

The island architecture developed and preserved techniques and elements from the Roman construction, such as for example the Majorcan patios, dry walls known as “parets seques”, built with stones and mares, wooden beams built into the walls, the famous unloading arches, communal wells and the traditional “picas d’Oli”.

We love recreating these unique spaces that represent the lifestyle of this place, Majorca, so we preserve the true essence of this magnificent place.
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