”Mallorca Living Concept is a refurbishment company in Majorca. Our characteristic is the Majorcan architecture style. We craft from custom-made movables to the traditional marés walls. Our work comprises the essence of the Islands.”

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Craftsmanship is a continuation of traditional professions and is defined as design and art.Craft works differ from mass-production or industrial works as they are realised with manual…



Marés is a sedimentary rock formed in the Miocene, stratified horizontally and massively. It is composed with fragments of marine fossils and grains of other rocks, basically cemented with rare carbonated…



Microcement is a high quality coating, composed with polymer, resin and aggregate, and as it is dyed with colours of a wide range, at the same time it can be combined with other construction…


We want to create houses that will make a new type of landscape, that will flow along with contemporary cities and the lives of their inhabitants.

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